Interior Designers Bombay

Chief Architect ' Milind Pai ' of the firm Milind Pai - Architects & Interior Designers, graduated with a 1st class degree from Sir J.J. College of architecture in 1987. The firm was established in the very 1st year after completing his graduation. The core purpose since the inception of this firm has been to ' Inspire creativity '. Since then, Milind Pai - Architects & Interior Designers has evolved into a dedicated team of professionals committed to design excellence and offering comprehensive service in the field of Architecture, Interior Designing and Project Consultation.

In this firm, the Architects & the Interior Designers work in close collaboration with other experts including Engineers, Graphic Designers, Artists, Sculptures, Landscape Designers, Lighting and Acoustic Specialists. They have been constantly adding new milestones by propagating values, team work and expertise to every project.

Committed to feed this growing appetite for design, Milind has never hesitated in accepting projects in various verticals, as long as there is a design expertise involved at the core. They are today a multi-specialty firm undertaking projects in Commercial, Residential, Institutional, Health and Hospitality Interiors and presently operate from a well-equipped office at Mumbai's suburb of Andheri-W.

Their well-trained design team undertakes professional designing job & execute them in close co-ordination with various agencies engaged for the job. They have a well-equipped studio with complete facilities for end-to-end design solutions. They are driven by a passion for excellence driving them to improve and innovate in all areas and every stage of design development while staying abreast with the latest in technology to ensure consistent high quality work. The site work is closely monitored by the site coordinators & their teams designated for the particular site & the total co-ordination job between the client & the agencies which is taken well care of.

Besides Mumbai they have executed projects in almost 30 Indian cities and 3 International Cities of Dubai, Muscat and Singapore.

This philosophy has led to the firm becoming multi-specialty, dynamic and energetic interiors solution firm, targeting designs with a holistic approach. Covered in many Magazines and other Media on a continuous basis, this firm is today a brand par excellence in the Field of Interior Architecture and is fast growing into a Top International Class Design Firm to watch for.

The 'Core Purpose of their Organization is to "Inspire Creativity that turns Dreams to Reality".