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  Primary Responsibilities

  1. Handling Day To Day Office Management activities.
  2. Internal and External communications, Written Correspondence in word and Excel spreadsheets.
  3. Daily mails sending and screening for internal mails.
  4. Preparation of Bills, cheques and Bank payments.
  5. Monitoring office muster and keeping track of leaves of office staff / late coming / OT logging procedures / lunch time.
  6. Generating Salary statements every month.
  7. Maintaining office files, Implementation of office rules and Cleanliness etc.
  8. Monitoring the purchase of Pantry and Stationary.
  9. Co-ordination with the Site people for office matters.
  10. Tickets bookings and Web Check in.
  11. Overlooking the comfort of the visitors, Couriers in bound and outbound.
  12. Making presentations and attending Office meetings.
  13. Maintenance of office equipment and monitoring AMCs, Insurances, Due dates for any bill payments and other recurring activity
  14. Staff Notices and Leave applications, Daily Weekly and Monthly planners.
  15. Checking Web Rankings and email Ids, Software requirements and purchase.
  16. Getting information of any innovations in office management techniques.
  17. Daily reporting of POAs and targets completion of short term and long term activities.
  18. Sending Greetings on occasions and maintaining the office database.
  19. Negotiating the best deals for the office requirements.
  20. Putting advertisements n newspaper and Web portals.
  21. Catalogue listing and Filing, Important Reminders.
  22. Bulk SMS.
  23. New clients follow up.
  24. Screening of Resumes for lining up on Interviews.
  25. Preparation of Proposals and Appointment letter drafts.
  26. Train the Peons on office systems and get reporting from them.
  27. Handle and Report any problems in the office during the Boss's absence.
  28. Conducting short staff meetings and preparing the agendas and minutes of the same with input from various departments,

  Job Description

  1. The candidates required to implement all the activities mentioned from the office within the stipulated targets and frequency
  2. The Daily, weekly and the Long-term targets have to be generated independently with help of information from the various departments and seniors on a continuous basis so as to be a self planned supportive system.
  3. The day should ideally start with preparing the POA for the day, which will be further discussed, and fine tuned in the huddle with the representatives of the various departments.
  4. The activities mentioned in the responsibility should be continuously tackled during the day along with the new situation that may develop during the day and the important items t be added to the POA for the day or future time as per the nature of the situation.
  5. Outdoor activities to be deputed to the support staff in a well-managed manner. In worst-case scenario, to get it done himself or herself.

  Required Skills

  1. Excellent Spoken and written English
  2. Strong interpersonal and organizational skills
  3. Knowledge of Computers and latest soft wares
  4. Keen ability to multitask a variety of challenges and responsibilities
  5. MS Word
  6. MS Excel
  7. Organizing and management skills
  8. Planning and Scheduling
  9. Written and Oral Communication
  10. Customer Service and Relations
  11. Teamwork and Leadership skills
  12. Interdepartmental Coordination
  13. Internet Research
  14. Transcription
  15. Purchasing and Negotiation
  16. 60 wpm Typing Speed

  Educational Qualification

Diploma or Degree in Commerce, Business Administration or an MBA degree

  Work Experience

Around 3 to 4 years of experience in an organization with an employee strength of 20-50 employees.

Interior Designers India
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