Interior Designers India


  Primary Responsibilities

  1. Identify and analyze our client’s needs and goals.
  2. Assist in design and for budget development.
  3. Preparation of BOQs and Tenders.
  4. Detail listing, advance planning and check on the Working Drawings being issued.
  5. Assess project resources and limitations & identify regulations code required.
  6. Choice of Contractors and Vendors.
  7. Development of project schedules, work plans etc in client’s budget.
  8. Determined the need for detail interaction with the client or his representative on a regular basis make recommendations for selections and purchases etc and coordinate with consultants and other specialists when required.
  9. Continuous Self-correspondence and feedbacks on oral & written formats.
  10. Keeping the track of the project expenditure.
  11. Over all project management and taking up the overall ownership of the project on the behalf of the organization in the areas of Design, Time frame, Finishing and the net outcome of the site to the highest standards.
  12. Bill checking, certifying and completion of the snag list.
  13. After sales service and relations with the client.

  Job Description

  1. Self-planning of daily, weekly, Occasional and Outstation Schedules.
  2. Working in close co ordination with the Designers right from the Conceptual to checking of the CAD drawings of Team.
  3. Guidance and suggestion for improvement Design details and working drawings.
  4. Continuous coordination with Clients, Vendors & Contractors and regular site visits and selection visits.
  5. Giving solutions for daily site challenges and discussing imp decisions given with the chief Architect.
  6. Reporting the POA for the day and the week to the Chief architect and organizing regular meetings with the Design staff and Chief Architect for regular interaction and communication.
  7. Planning of outstation site visits well in advance.
  8. Preparation of Budgets and BOQs.
  9. Continuous self-correspondence for the smooth progress and communications necessary for the site.
  10. Preparing Targets & Agendas for Site Visits with the chief Architect well in advance to allow for a proper time a space to plan the important milestone for every visit.
  11. Preparation of various spread sheets and formats for site monitoring and control from time to time.
  12. Entire process of Site Management & Execution for Time and Quality.
  13. Material Shortlisting for final selection in catalogues, samples and showrooms for the final selection by the Chief Architect.
  14. Coordination with Vendors for Material and releasing payments after checking their bills
  15. Check on Material Dispatch & received on site.
  16. Keeping financial track of the entire project
  17. Preparing the necessary Reports on Daily, weekly and Occasional basis
  18. Monitoring the site Supervision team closely and taking reports from them on regular basis and guidelines laid down in the office meetings from time to time.
  19. Bill checking and certification for the entire project.
  20. Preparing various stages of Snag Lists & Handing over

  Required Skills

  1. Very Strong management skills with ability to multi-task.
  2. Strong and Unique design talent.
  3. Ability to originate concepts and be the design lead for teams on multiple projects as well as plan, manage and control the quality of the output of the design team.
  4. Should be able to respond to very aggressive schedules.
  5. Creativity & Innovation.
  6. A Professional demeanor and Leadership potential.
  7. Excellent communication and Presentation skills
  8. Professional Selling Skills.
  9. Understanding the requirements of the projects and the client’s requirements with Budget.
  10. Resourcefulness & Ability to get skilled Vendors and Executor to handle all challenges on site
  11. Handling the client independently and skillfully.
  12. Getting new Projects for the organization and contribute in growth of the organization.

  Educational Qualification

Degree or Diploma in Architecture or Interiors from a reputed Institute. Minimum full time 3years to 5 years

  Work Experience

Minimum 8-10 years

Interior Designers India
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