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Hiring an architect – luxury or necessity?

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Architects are a luxury.!!!

So what? Admit it. Human beings the world over have built homes with nothing more than their own two hands. Up until recently, the world existed for millennia without architects and can very well do so again. But why do so? Architects – for all we do – are a luxury that most cannot live without.


A day in the life of an architect

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Architects are a part of an industry which contributes to 11% of the GDP of India. They are professionals who deal to a great extent with a plethora of people, among other design professionals. It would be really interesting to take a glance at a typical day in the life of an architect.

The early morning hours is probably the best time for the family, especially if there has not been any late night commitments, business meetings or social encounters. The process of getting ready for the battle follows suit, since mornings are the best time to set up activities on meeting fronts and site commitments. Hurried breakfast and a quick glance at the newspapers are part of the mundane routine.