May 2016 archive

Architect as a project manager

The present-day world is gripped by stress, and everyone is hiring people to toss away a part of this inevitable load off their shoulders. This has lead to a tremendous rise in managerial jobs in today’s times. An Architect’s role in a project is also undergoing constant change, where the responsibilities as a project manager are increasing manifold.

The term project management has gained considerable ground in the last few years. It is important to understand what it is, and how it affects architects. It is a scientific approach to the construction of a project that starts right from the stage of its conception. It incorporates all stages, from design to delivery, and creates a time bound process of delivery, ensuring quality creation. Project management streamlines the operations to optimize time and money. Just like any other management role, it incorporates finances, resources, man power and statutory approvals. The construction industry, being the most capital intensive industry is increasingly relying on such services.