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Is Architectural sketching on the verge of extinction?

It is hard for us, as architects to imagine our profession without sketching, irrespective of whether we love to draw or not! When I say the word ‘architect,’ you envision a human with a big sketch spread out and a pencil in hand. But in recent times we have seen a quantum shift towards an automated way of working. So, in this era, does the traditional tool of pencil hold any good?


Milind Pai Blog – Profile

Architect Milind Pai is a B. Arch degree holder from Sir J.J. College of architecture and is currently the Chief Architect of the firm Milind Pai – Architects & Interior Designers, which is a well-established brand name in the profession of Architecture and Interior Design.

Ever since the establishment of this firm in 1987, he has been constantly adding values and expertise to its think – tank. A perfectionist by nature and with an uncompromising flair for innovations, he has been constantly adding new milestones for this firm.