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Small is the new Big

The major challenge faced by the construction industry in today’s modern scenario is space. Every other company is thinking how to get maximum space from minimum area. This has been the mindset of both the customers and companies nowadays. Both are looking for a win-win solution. These days the number of nuclear families are increasing drastically and the number of singles who want their own space are also on the rise.
So addressing this space issue is an ongoing discussion and area of improvement from the builders, and designer’s point of view. However there are lots of improvements that have happened and still happening in that front as well. These days’ builders are concentrating on smaller spaces and transformational designs, which are creating a major impact in the lives of many.



The Interiors of every living space have a unique story to tell.

The hero of each story is the Client, the Scriptwriter, is the Architect and the Setting represents the unique design of the project. With each associate playing their part, it is the difference in execution and creative eye to play around with experience and expertise that finally segregates the flops from the hits!

Milind Pai Architects and Interior Designers aims at a simplistic route to a luxurious living, with a balanced use of technology and latest ideas that keep evolving, contributing towards better living spaces.


Design – A way of Life

Designs !!!

For many, its an abstract pattern, a combination of colour and aesthetics, a blue print to a plan or a prototype of a bigger Concept.

What was once a showcase of talent, is today a professional element of art, implemented in every sector of every industry.

Design is an analytical and functional piecing together of tasteful components that constitute a whole. Having said that, the design also depends upon the practical knowledge, observance and experience of an individual.