Design – A way of Life

Designs !!!

For many, its an abstract pattern, a combination of colour and aesthetics, a blue print to a plan or a prototype of a bigger Concept.

What was once a showcase of talent, is today a professional element of art, implemented in every sector of every industry.

Design is an analytical and functional piecing together of tasteful components that constitute a whole. Having said that, the design also depends upon the practical knowledge, observance and experience of an individual.

Knowledge, gained through study. Observance, produced through attention to detail, curiosity. and experience through travel and living.

Questioning why things are a particular way and devising your opinion for change; designers are always an unhappy lot.


Their discontentment is the basis for wanting to improve the things they observe and contribute towards a transition that will impact society for the better.

It is said, everything is a arranged in a particular way, because that’s how mom wants it to be!
Does that make them designers? Umm.. not really. But we’re all about giving credit where credit is due.
She picked a good spot to place the table or choses a great vase. That’s only her aesthetic sense, which we all have some of.

“Leadership, experimentation and innovation are traits of a ‘true’ designer”. Being risk averse and empowered to experiment with new processes and procedure is the need of the hour.
With advancement in technology and the supportive creative software available, commercial design has seen innovation like no other.

‘Nature at its indigenously unique creativity’, spoken by a true pioneer, having grown within the industry and amidst design psychologies that have made him a great judge of individuality and modern design.

Milind Pai, strongly promotes the need of individuals to feel comfortable and at ease with your space wherever they may be, and create a environments driven by productivity and innovation.

Believing in the power of individuality. Milind Pai ‘s every design, campaigns for the showcase of each one’s personality. We’re all different and it is for this need to excel and stand out, that there is ‘Design’.

Live it up, build your own, generate your ‘Concept of Living’.

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