Hiring an architect – luxury or necessity?

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Architects are a luxury.!!!

So what? Admit it. Human beings the world over have built homes with nothing more than their own two hands. Up until recently, the world existed for millennia without architects and can very well do so again. But why do so? Architects – for all we do – are a luxury that most cannot live without.

Architect Milind Pai

Architects get urban design. Architects know that the design of cities and buildings affects the quality of our lives – whether this is acknowledged or appreciated is another matter. The bottom line is this: When it comes to creating urban form, places where people live, work and play, architects matter.

Beyond the immediate problem. Beyond the immediate issue at hand. Beyond their immediate surroundings – to look at the impacts of what they’re creating on the world beyond. The universe needs architects…to explore how to inhabit other places beyond our planet.

Architects gave the world the Roman Coliseum, Sagrada FamiliaFallingwaterPantheon and Guggenheim Museum to name but five. Creating timeless destinations serve as evidence of some of man’s highest achievements and  something for every artist and architect to strive for.

Architects have given the world the best architecture cities in the world. Imagine if you woke up tomorrow and they had vanished. Barcelona, Spain, Beijing, China, Istanbul, Turkey, Chicago, USA, Athens, Greece – Parthenon vanished. Millennium Park and  FLW home and studio. No more. Sydney without the Sydney Opera House? The work disappears – but so does its host.- Architects create works that are inseparable from their environments –and the way we think about them.

Architects matter because they know what they produce will be around for a while – and therefore carry the additional weight of responsibility for their choices and actions. Architects not only improve the build world and environment but also design in order to improve processes. Architects understand it’s not about the building – it’s about the business and the people and what they do when there. Upstream, downstream and throughout the project – architects follow the flow of movement and energy to and from their projects.

Milind Pai architects

Architects are needed because they can put it all together. We fix what is broken and repair what’s been devastated. When given a 500 page program containing 1000’s of input and data – it doesn’t even occur to us that the end result will be anything less and a complete, cohesive and coherent work of whole building design. Bring it on!!!

Exclusive connections. Architects are often privy to industry discounts and can negotiate contracts on your behalf. They have also worked with many different vendors and have experience with choosing the best in the industry to suit your needs.. Remember, your Architect has done this countless times before.

Design Concepts.  You may have a whole inspiration board designated to the theme of your Home.  But most people don’t really know how to take these inspiration boards and turn them into something unique and personal.   We can even suggest money saving options for the Architecture/Interior works.

Essential Details. Let’s face it; you  have enough to deal with during the daily routine days of your  lives. With us, every detail matters. We know how important this is when planning your dream home. Making or revamping your home should be fun! Our goal is to eliminate any stress allowing you and your family to  acquire your dreams.

Most importantly, think hard before making a hiring decision and endeavour to never hire to “put a warm body” in a position. Wait until a qualified ARCHITECT presents himself or face long-term pain for a very short-term gain!!!

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