Small is the new Big

The major challenge faced by the construction industry in today’s modern scenario is space. Every other company is thinking how to get maximum space from minimum area. This has been the mindset of both the customers and companies nowadays. Both are looking for a win-win solution. These days the number of nuclear families are increasing drastically and the number of singles who want their own space are also on the rise.
So addressing this space issue is an ongoing discussion and area of improvement from the builders, and designer’s point of view. However there are lots of improvements that have happened and still happening in that front as well. These days’ builders are concentrating on smaller spaces and transformational designs, which are creating a major impact in the lives of many.



The Interiors of every living space have a unique story to tell.

The hero of each story is the Client, the Scriptwriter, is the Architect and the Setting represents the unique design of the project. With each associate playing their part, it is the difference in execution and creative eye to play around with experience and expertise that finally segregates the flops from the hits!

Milind Pai Architects and Interior Designers aims at a simplistic route to a luxurious living, with a balanced use of technology and latest ideas that keep evolving, contributing towards better living spaces.


Design – A way of Life

Designs !!!

For many, its an abstract pattern, a combination of colour and aesthetics, a blue print to a plan or a prototype of a bigger Concept.

What was once a showcase of talent, is today a professional element of art, implemented in every sector of every industry.

Design is an analytical and functional piecing together of tasteful components that constitute a whole. Having said that, the design also depends upon the practical knowledge, observance and experience of an individual.


Architect as a project manager

The present-day world is gripped by stress, and everyone is hiring people to toss away a part of this inevitable load off their shoulders. This has lead to a tremendous rise in managerial jobs in today’s times. An Architect’s role in a project is also undergoing constant change, where the responsibilities as a project manager are increasing manifold.

The term project management has gained considerable ground in the last few years. It is important to understand what it is, and how it affects architects. It is a scientific approach to the construction of a project that starts right from the stage of its conception. It incorporates all stages, from design to delivery, and creates a time bound process of delivery, ensuring quality creation. Project management streamlines the operations to optimize time and money. Just like any other management role, it incorporates finances, resources, man power and statutory approvals. The construction industry, being the most capital intensive industry is increasingly relying on such services.


The future of Architectural sketching

The outburst of computer aided design tools has time and again questioned the relevance of sketching. While pen and paper are increasingly vanishing from the corporate world, they still remain essential to the field of design and architecture. We may have all of Auto CAD, Revit, ArchiCAD, Grasshopper, etc. at our disposal, but the handiness of sketching is unmatched. Today, computers are able enough to create life - like renders, generate accurate construction details, maintain activity logs and track the development of a particular project. Despite it all, can sketching be completely abandoned?

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Hiring an architect – luxury or necessity?

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Architects are a luxury.!!!

So what? Admit it. Human beings the world over have built homes with nothing more than their own two hands. Up until recently, the world existed for millennia without architects and can very well do so again. But why do so? Architects – for all we do – are a luxury that most cannot live without.


A day in the life of an architect

Milind Pai Architects Blog 2

Architects are a part of an industry which contributes to 11% of the GDP of India. They are professionals who deal to a great extent with a plethora of people, among other design professionals. It would be really interesting to take a glance at a typical day in the life of an architect.

The early morning hours is probably the best time for the family, especially if there has not been any late night commitments, business meetings or social encounters. The process of getting ready for the battle follows suit, since mornings are the best time to set up activities on meeting fronts and site commitments. Hurried breakfast and a quick glance at the newspapers are part of the mundane routine.


Social media, web presence and Architecture

Social Media, Web presence and Architecture

We are in the 21st century and living in an era where Cyberspace and Technology has outpaced the human mind enormously. The biggest gift of the online network has been expression- the provision of a platform to be able to communicate with the rest of the world. Today, Marketing is one area that relies to a large extent on social media, as it has provided unbounded access to be heard and noticed, which was earlier reliant on the passé and outmoded principle of ‘word of mouth’. The usage and dependency on the virtual world has increased manifold with the smartphone revolution. People feed on the Internet and are being fed by the Internet, and the trend is inescapable- either be seen or be forgotten!


Welcome to Milind Pai blog

Ar. Milind Pai

Architect Milind Pai is a B. Arch degree holder from Sir J.J. College of architecture and is currently the Chief Architect of the firm Milind Pai – Architects & Interior Designers, which is a well-established brand name in the profession of Architecture and Interior Design.

Ever since the establishment of the firm in 1987, he has been constantly adding values and expertise to its think – tank. A perfectionist by nature and with an uncompromising flair for innovations, he has been constantly adding new milestones on its projects quality. For Milind, design is a Passion and this is one reason he has never hesitated to accept projects of various types, as long as there is a design expertise needed,right from the outset. This has led to the firm being a multi specialty firm and targets many verticals under the name.