The Interiors of every living space have a unique story to tell.

The hero of each story is the Client, the Scriptwriter, is the Architect and the Setting represents the unique design of the project. With each associate playing their part, it is the difference in execution and creative eye to play around with experience and expertise that finally segregates the flops from the hits!

Milind Pai Architects and Interior Designers aims at a simplistic route to a luxurious living, with a balanced use of technology and latest ideas that keep evolving, contributing towards better living spaces.

We like to call it ‘Dreams into Reality’. By sheer designing skills of the Architect, a dead space can be transformed into a wonderful aspect of living or work that can even blow away your imagination! (Inception, anyone?).

Nature and Technology are the two core inspirations behind our design philosophy. Although poles apart, for us they play an important part in unravelling the complexities faced in design challenges. There is a lot to learn from both these elements if you are a patient and careful observer. Nature has its own philosophies and mysteries whereas technology keeps propelling you forward all the time in the design thinking process.

However, the ultimate indulgence as a designer is the investing in Art. This truly differentiates the personal traits of the end user and defines the class and calibre of a Décor. Also encouraging art and the artists as a fraternity is a true mark of an evolved Society.
We all have creative passions, but are restricted because of our inabilities in aspects that are sometimes hard to perfect. But we often fail to understand that it is not the perfections that make us Designers, but rather the ability to be abstract, yet contemporary, or experimental yet practical.

In India, we have experienced a transformation in design, evolving from Victorian to Modern and still changing from Conventional to Modular.

In similar ways technology is also instrumental in changing the very materials we have been using in the past and thus the trends in home decor, may still be evolving faster, and faster with time.

Ideas are getting more and more global as the boundaries blur away with time.
Urban India is relatively fast in absorbing the new ideas and trends as compared to the rural India where the access to skilled manpower results in slower evolvement of new ideas and technology, though the gap is a lot lesser in comparison to what it was 10 years ago. Materials and ideas from foreign countries like China and the West are also reaching the 2nd and 3rd Tier cities.

The Design professionals passing out of so many new colleges will now surely bring the latest international ideas on the design platform faster than before, hence we will see a mixed bag of trends in the Urban and Rural India where the technological superior projects will dominate the Urban landscape.

Add to this the growing number of Foreign Architects being hired by the Indian clientele to ape the west.

Hence we may see a surge of western Ideas dominating the overall design world but the Fusion theme is also very popular and Minimalism is competing hard to fight for Survival against the Opulent Fusion Design. Do not be surprised if the India Ethic is reborn in a Fusion format that can give tough time to the established western Modern. And yes there is also a Niche for Theme Decors like Moroccan and Modern Oriental in India.

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