Small is the new Big

The major challenge faced by the construction industry in today’s modern scenario is space. Every other company is thinking how to get maximum space from minimum area. This has been the mindset of both the customers and companies nowadays. Both are looking for a win-win solution. These days the number of nuclear families are increasing drastically and the number of singles who want their own space are also on the rise.
So addressing this space issue is an ongoing discussion and area of improvement from the builders, and designer’s point of view. However there are lots of improvements that have happened and still happening in that front as well. These days’ builders are concentrating on smaller spaces and transformational designs, which are creating a major impact in the lives of many.

The best way to make a small space look big is to concentrate on the furniture and also planning how to effectively use the empty spaces. The effective use of spaces in living rooms, kitchen, and bathrooms can be planned properly by reusing the existing spaces.
In a transformational design for a compact environment, furniture plays a major role. By having proper furniture half the issue is addressed. The other half lies in the placement. By using modular design concept the storage issues can be addressed by using Tetran cubes. It reduces or almost eliminates the need of furniture wastage. It solves the storage problem and also gives a chance to change the arrangement whichever way they want to.

The next thing is about the furniture in living room like the sofas, coffee tables, chair etc. Instead of having a conventional sofa having a Sofa Bunk Bed would solve the purpose of both sofa and a bunker, which could help 2 people sleep.

Also there are designs wherein a shelf can hold a dining table and chairs. It will be a cool piece of storage as well as dwelling furniture and saves a lot of space. Also look wise it creates a feel good factor.

A wall-mounted dining table helps conserve a lot of space. A convertible sofa, which can become a dining table could also be helpful.These days furniture is designed with space conservation in mind. There are stackable and four-in-one chairs which can be put to use whenever necessary, otherwise it can be stacked up. There is a Combined Mattress Seat which can be used a mattress as well as a mini seater.

One of the most underutilized areas, are the staircases. The staircases are blessings which are not just helpful for climbing up and down but as storage spaces. Instead of regular stairs, Cupboards, drawers and shelves can be used. The picture is shown below which will provide huge storage options and hidden safes for putting jewels and other valuables.

If the person were an avid reader and a huge book collector, the stairs would come to their help. It can be turned as book holders or bookcases, which could hold all their collections and would look very attractive and unique.

Just because someone lives in a small space doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have fun. There are so many options to use transformational designs for the modern compact spaces and include the fun element within them. Thinking innovatively would help achieving this. What looks like a normal dining table, could have a pool table inbuilt. Whenever they want to have food the piece of wood can be slid in and rest of the times it will act as a pool table.

The doors can be of dual use, it can serve its regular purpose and it can be readily designed to act as a ping-pong table also. Also using sliding doors than conventional doors would help in saving lot of spaces and would look funky too. With some innovation even the doors can be used to hold storage.

Now when it comes to bathroom every square unit counts. Transforming a small bathroom is rather a greater challenge than the entire house itself. Even the colors used make a greater impact to the bathroom’s space. Using white with gray gives the space a modern look and by choosing large squared tiles will fool the eye into believing the space is larger than it actually is. Hanging a rack for holding towels will be a smart move.
Another easy and time-testedmethod, which actually doesn’t increase the space, but does makes the existing space look bigger. This can be achieved by placing mirrors at appropriate places. A mirror will reflect the existing space and it creates an illusion of having a bigger place. Some examples of how a mirror can be used are by using a large floor length mirror behind a piece of furniture in tight spaces, placing a mirror behind a light source, mirror wall when properly planted can be effective and pleasant rather than jarring and disorienting. But overdoing it will clearly spoil the magic of mirrors and would look like a mirror maze.
So in an essence with proper planning and with innovative thinking people could make their small and cramped spaces to look big and stunning. They can also accommodate more in less and this ideology when applied at a large scale will help a huge population who are out there waiting for getting their own place to live at an affordable cost. Applying the concepts of sustainability inside this will be a blessing in disguise not only for people but the world we live in as well.

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