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  Primary Responsibilities

The emphasis on the duties of this job is the overall management of the Business Development and the Design development of the organization to the highest levels as required from time to time. There is a requirement for the post holder to recognize this job requires adopting a flexible approach to work.

Design Head:

  1. Maintaining and Continuously up gradation of Design output from office, researching new concept and new materials
  2. Making Power Point Presentation for any new enquiry and design presentations.
  3. Guidance to staff in terms of planning, designing, technical details etc.
  4. Attending clients meeting and understanding the concept and explaining designs to the client.
  5. Keeping updated about each and every ongoing project progress and bottlenecks, identifying design issues and bottlenecks and coming up with solution for the same.
  6. Material shortlisting for projects, coming up with innovative design concepts and detailing for the project.
  7. Conducting weekly meeting and Daily huddle meeting and planning the projects on priority.
  8. Conducting meeting with vendors for new materials in market.
  9. Staff recruitments, up gradation, motivation, reviews and appraisals, monthly performance rating for staff.
  10. Keeping track of targets achieved in particular day and long-term targets.
  11. Conducting design up gradation meeting and inspirational presentations in chief architect's presence for Improvement in quality of Designs, Concepts and drawings done in studios.
  12. Travelling within or outside Mumbai for Presentations and site measurements and photography when required.
Business Head :

  1. Making marketing and growth strategies for the organization
  2. Conducting new client meetings and follow up.
  3. Giving presentation to new prospective clients.
  4. Getting Proposal, presentations and BOQs made for any new projects pitching.
  5. Following up for new and past enquiries.
  6. Co-ordination for payment follow up for the initial stages of the project till its handed over to any associate.
  7. Improvement in office systems.
  8. Sites photography and publicity shoots.
  9. Website up gradation from time to time.
  10. Engaging in PR activity for the office.
  11. Travelling in or out of Mumbai when required for Business meetings.

  Job Description

  1. Conducting day to day huddle meeting with team members and studio heads to mange targets for the day in terms of drawings and priorities for the day.
  2. Solving day-to-day problems in terms of details or design faced by staff.
  3. Helping staff to hunt for best of the concepts from Internet or book, making them understand the exact need of concepts.
  4. Helping Chief architects in terms of any follow up of any other design work to be done.
  5. Motivating staff in terms of continues up gradation on concepts and research.
  6. All new client inquiry follow up and fixing up meeting for presentation, giving presentations and feedback to chief architects.
  7. Updating client enquiry list every Week.
  8. Checking and short-listing incoming resumes and conducting interviews, discussion with Chief architect about the performance of candidate in preliminary rounds and fix up final round of interview with Chief architect.
  9. Maintaining records of candidate till final decision is taken regarding it.
  10. Attending associates meeting and maintaining minutes of the meeting and mailing to associates as discussed in meeting.
  11. Any follow up regarding projects to be done with associates.
  12. Conducting power meetings for staff up gradation and motivation in Chief architect's presence.
  13. Making presentation for any Project Design presentation or any other presentation to be done by Chief architect.
  14. Time to time site photo shoots to be managed and made sure that website is updated with the same.
  15. Showing new sites done to the perspective client.
  16. Attending client initial meeting and follow up for the same with the client.
  17. Coordinating with web designers for website up gradation and working on the data to be updated with proper formats.
  18. Crosschecking with studio heads about targets achieved by end of the day.

  Required Skills

  1. To undertake the total responsibility of the Design and Business Development activity.
  2. Use of various media in the development and documentation of a design project and should be comfortable working on the Presentation techniques with knowledge of the relevant software
  3. Good interpersonal skills and the ability to work well in a team
  4. Flexible, open attitude and life long learning ability
  5. Strong communication and Time management skills to meet deadlines
  6. A creative mind and ability to looks at things from multiple angles.
  7. A willingness to work longer hours, both in the office and on-site.
  8. The ability to thrive in pressured or stressful situations.
  9. Decision making ability to handle all office staff and client matters in Chief architects absence.
  10. Good PR and Business acumen.
  11. Ability to keep track of the latest developments in the profession to and market trends to keep the organization ahead of competition.
  12. Good design acumen to implement the latest trends and style in the organization
  13. Good leadership qualities and Motivational skills
  14. Multitasking skills and people handling ability.
  15. Internet Explorer, Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint

  Educational Qualification

Diploma or Degree in Architecture or Interiors from a reputed Institute. Min full time 3yrs to 5 yrs. curriculum

  Work Experience

Around 7 to 8 years of experience in an organization with employee strength of 20-50 people.

Interior Designers India
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