Interior Designers India


  Primary Responsibilities

  1. Understanding the requirements of the projects and the client and making a policy for design proposal based on this information.
  2. Making conceptual presentation with downloads from Internet or Book references.
  3. Preparing and Keeping track of all the Drawing & Imp design related correspondence in lines with the time targets of the project and client commitments.
  4. Minutes writing and keeping track of all-important meeting & requirements.
  5. Visit to sites with the site in charge or chief architect from time to time.
  6. Site photographs during the start of work till the progress of work on site.
  7. Coordination with Clients, Vendors & Associates.
  8. Self-correspondence to ensure smooth communication and progress on projects allotted.

  Job Description

  1. Daily coordination with the Associates, office designer and staff as per the schedules finalized from time to time and situations.
  2. Making drawing in AutoCAD, getting the same checked from the associates and mailing the drawings and presentation views after careful checking and analysis.
  3. Planning the systems for Keeping track of all Drawing & file and implementing the same.
  4. Preparing reports on daily & weekly basis.
  5. Reports & Consulting Chief Architect or the Design Head for Daily individual POA & Challenges via sms.
  6. Taking full responsibility for fulfilling the timely completion of error free drawings as per the demand of the project.
  7. Keeping active track of the developments on the site to ensure a proper back up from the office.
  8. Sending regular reminders to the associates and the chief Architects if any thing is lagging behind on the projects allotted to them form office support point of view.
  9. Preparing from time to time advance requirements list to be given to the associates and Chief Architect to ensure all information is available at the time of the drawing.
  10. Immediate information or advise seeking in difficult situation from seniors in n appropriate manner as per the situation.
  11. Site visits as per the demand of the site and visits for selection purpose.
  12. Visits to completed sites or ongoing sits for self development purpose.
  13. Active Presentations in office for self development, Design Research and Presentation skills.
  14. Self correspondence to ensure smooth communication and progress on projects allotted.

  Required Skills

  1. Self motivated and be passionate about the work.
  2. Idea of the latest trends in Design.
  3. Knowledge of Technical Detailing on site.
  4. AutoCAD software and drawing expertise.
  5. Speed and Consistency in Drawings
  6. Presentation preparation skills.
  7. High level of Communication Skills with Office Team, Clients & Vendors.
  8. Knowledge of all the material in the market.
  9. BOQ's and Quantity specification.
  10. Alertness and Situational management skills

  Educational Qualification

Graduate or Diploma Professional: Minimum 3 years course from a reputed design Institute.

  Work Experience

Minimum 3 years.

Interior Designers India
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