Architects Bombay

This is a Jewellery showroom at Delhi specializing in Ethnic Jewellery. The style has been based on Modern Minimalistic, catering to the niche segments of the city.

A touch of regal Elegance has been added with the use of rich materials like silver and gold foiling on display units. Mirrors on backdrops, exotic veneers on counters, and Italian marble on the floor also elevate the regality of the space. The display niches placed together in abstract horizontal widths let the eyes flow through the length and breadth of the room. Fine attention is also paid to the entrance and display, with brass signage and interesting display, sure to entice a prospective buyer. The playful informal seating in the center breaks the straight line theme on the display & counters, and adds a different dimension to the space. The lighting is a combination of LEDs, Halogens, CDMTs and QRs to highlight the ambience and the corresponding glitter and glow.

Architects Mumbai
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