Architects Mumbai

This project is a floor earmarked for kindergarten children, and is located in Thane, Mumbai. The entire flooring of the passages and classrooms is marked in beech wood, whereas the play area is surfaced with artificial grass turf to make it child friendly. A china mosaic mural adores the wall of the Lego room, creating a mystic and fairytale-like background. The overall play of colours has strived to be more evolved than a typical combination of primary and fluorescent colors, creating a lively yet subtle environment for the children. A subtle combination of pastel colors with sparing use of primary colors is used on the passage doors. Classrooms are made more playful and lively with the liberal use of bright colors. The passage ceiling is uniquely folded and finished in a cloud like candy color. The Art room is a unique area which houses some low stools and Art Tables with Stainless Steel Trays in the Center of the Double loaded table to Dump the Art Material like paints, brushes etc.

Architects Bombay
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