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  • Bore wells or ponds should be at North East of the Plot

  • The entrance door should be on the Eastern on Northern side (please refer to the Vastu Mandala).

  • The highest point of the plot should be on the South West corner of the plot.

  • The plot should slope from South West towards the North East.

  • The plot projecting towards the South-West is considered bad.

  • Shape of the plot should preferably be rectangular between 2:3 & 1:2 proportions.

  • The highest point of the structure should be on the South West.

  • The centre of the structure is called Brahmasthana and should be open to sky.

  • Two opposite doors should not be staggered and should be in the same line.

  • The number of doors, beams and columns should be in even.

  • The number of steps should be in odd figures. i.e. 11, 17, 23, 29 etc.

  • There should be no openings or windows on the South West corner.

  • Temple should be on the North East Corner.

  • Clear the heights of floors in the structure to be preferably 8' 0", 10' 0" etc.
Interior Designers India
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